Red Sea visibility

Recently, the largest ocean carriers announced suspended service via the Red Sea due to the ongoing conflict. This decision affects a vast number of the most frequent shipping lanes and will have an impact on global trade.

Seaexplorer not only provides visibility, but also up-to-date status of vessel whereabouts, loops, and transit times to allow users better to plan their supply chain activities and potential risk mitigation.

For any questions, please contact your Kuehne+Nagel sales representative.


defining supply chain excellence

Essential sea freight knowledge for your resilient supply chain

Transparent, concise and comprehensible: 150,000 port to port options | all major container shipping lines | 1,575 carrier services with frequent updates and details on rotations | 17,400 weekly departures | real-time positions for over 4,200 container vessels | global disruption alerts

Choose the smart way

Real-time data processed with clever pathfinding algorithms provide the details you need to identify the best logistics option, optimised for costs, speed, and sustainability.

Make your supply chain part of your sustainable business profile

CO2 emission transparency for every port-to-port combination supports you in meeting your customers’ demands for more sustainable products.

Profit from visibility all along the way

Keep track of global disruptions, realistic transit times, service reliability and vessel ETA predictions for quick decision making in due time.

Trust in decades of highly professional logistics expertise

Plan a truely resilient supply chain, enabled by Kuehne+Nagel’s skills to translate bare data into neutral, essential sea freight intelligence.

Cutting CO2 is a common cause

The ocean is at the heart of our businesses. And, it is our mission to protect it: We contribute by making carbon emissions transparent and comparable, giving clients a real choice towards sustainable supply chains. Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia contribute by providing valuable CO2 ocean data to marine scientist. As a partner, we are proud to support his venture.


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